| Workshop


Chaired by
Volker Lenhart (Professor of Comparative Educational Science, Heidelberg University, Germany)

  •  Jamal Alkirnawi (Sociology, Ben-Gurion University, Be’er Sheva, Israel)
    “Story-telling as a Tool in Working with Groups in Conflict: The Approach and Practical Aspects in Relating Jews and Bedouins in the Negev”
  • Vladan Beara (Programme Director, Centre for Trauma, Novi Sad, Serbia)
    “The Social Gap between War-Experienced Veterans and War-“Inexperienced” Others in Post-War Society”
  • Helen Brocklehurst (Political Science, Swansea University, UK)
    “Unquestioned Answers: Education in Divided Societies”
  • Susanne Buckley-Zistel (Sociology, Free University Berlin, Germany)
    “Uncivic Education in Divided Societies: Rwanda’s Unification Discourse”
  • Nerja Nuna Cengic (Philosophy/Sociology, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina)
    “Storytelling and Peace Education: Life Stories and Dialogue(s) Course”
  • Silke GĂĽlker (Political Science, Social Science Research Center Berlin, Germany)
    “Football and Democracy. A Multicultural Women’s Football Team as a Contribution to Civic Education?”
  • Clarissa Huguet (Human Rights Lawyer and Coordinator of the COAV Cities Project, Children and Youth in Organized Armed Violence Program, NGO Viva-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    “Peace Education Tools for Violence Prevention: Combating Youth Violence by Civic Education”
  • Sanjay Kumar (Social Science and English, Indian Institute of Technology Dehli, India)
    “Staging the Invisible: Communalism, Violence, and Contemporary Indian Urban Life”
  • Laura Lundy and Lesley Mc Evoy (Law and Educational Studies, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    “Securing a Human Rights Culture in Societies Emerging from Conflict through the Protection, Promotion and Fulfilment of Children’s Rights in School”
  • Raffaele Marchetti (Political Science, LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy)
    “Civil Society Education Activity in Ethno-Political Conflict: Peace-Building or Conflict Escalating?”
  • Thomas Misco (Educational Studies, Miami University, Ohio, USA)
    “'The Children Don't Have Any Idea': Building Democratic Habits through Controversy in
    Post-Totalitarian Civic Education”
  • Alice Pinheiro Walla (Philosophy, University of St. Andrews, UK)
    “Kant on Cosmopolitan Education”
  • Szabolcs Pogonyi (Philosophy, University of Budapest and Central European University, Budapest, Hungary)
    “Common Past for the Future of Europe”
  • Dan E. Porat (Educational Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
    “Studying a Conflicted Past, Building a Sustainable Future” (Focus: Israel/Palestine)
  • Kurt Shaw (Shine-a-Light, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
    “Civic Education and Mediation in Shantytowns and Favelas at War”
  • Reetta Toivanen (Anthropology, Centre of Excellence in Global Governance Research and at the Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism, University of Helsinki, Finland)
    “The Politics of Terminology: Human Rights Education versus Civic Education”
  • Gail Weldon (Educational Studies, University of Pretoria, South Africa)
    “History Education and the Democratic Nation in Post-Apartheid South Africa”