Workshop "Governance and Innovation"

Chaired by
Harald Mieg
(Professor of Geography, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany)

  • Matthias Becker (Geography, University of Hamburg, Germany)
    “Emerging Stakeholders in China’s Urban Governance: The Case of Guangzhou Development District in the Pearl River Delta”
  • Rani H. S. Daoud (Urban Planning, Palestinian Municipal Development and Lending Fund, Ramallah, Palestinian Territories)
    “Promoting Urban Governance within a Context of Crisis: Innovative Approaches in Response to Urban Challenges and Promotion of Local Governance in the Palestinian Territory”
  • Daniel Hailu (Social Anthropology, Loyola University, Chicago, USA)
    “Religion and Urbanization in Ethiopia”
  • Rolien Hoyng (Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)
    “Beyond Wires and Roots: Embedding the Information Society and Displacing Culture in Turkey”
  • Deljana Iossifova (Urban Studies/Social Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
    “Managing the City of Difference: (B)ordering Space in Shanghai”
  • Sanjay Kumar (Humanities/Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India)
    “Urban Governance: Innovation, Insecurity and the Power of Religion”
  • Joanna Phua (International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
    “Visual and Sensorial Innovations in Urban Governance: The Singapore Landscape Spectacle”
  • Rolf Rauschenbach (Political Sciences, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)
    “Urbanity as the Space for Postconventionality – How Religions May Innovate Cities and Themselves”
  • Friederike Schröder (Geography, University of Hamburg, Germany)
    “New Analytical Approaches to Urban Governance in China: The Identification of Governance Modes in the Process of Changing Urban Strategies in Guangzhou”
  • Iryna Sofinska (Constitutional & Municipal Law, University of Internal Affairs, L’viv, Ukraine)
    “’New look’ in Urban Governance of Ukraine: a Clear Perspective for XXI Century”
  • Olga Sooudi (Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    “Connoisseurs of Urban Life: Aesthetic Practices and Creative Production among Japanese Migrant-Artists in New York City”
  • Katharina Sucker (Architecture, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany)
    “Metropolitan Cultures and Cultural Myths: The Production of Urban Images under the Influence of Globalization. An Investigation in Gated Communities in Istanbul since the 1990s”
  • Daniela Vicherat-Mattar (History, University of Edinburgh, Great Britain)
    “Urban Development Flanked by Religion and Politics: Reflections from the Belfast History”