Workshop 2 "Negotiating Access"

Chaired by
Anita Hardon (Social and Behavioral Sciences, Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, The Netherlands) and
Marian Burchardt (Sociology, University of Leipzig, Germany)


  • Grace Akello (Medical Anthropology, Gulu University, Uganda)
    “An Evaluation of Healthcare Services Provision in Relation to Children’s Needs in Northern Uganda: A Reflection About Dilemmas in Evidence Generation in Applied Medical Anthropology”
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Ayesha Aziz (Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, USA)
    “Access to Healthcare: Tthe Disadvantaged Segments of  Pakistan’s Population”
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Nadine Beckmann (Anthropology, University of Oxford, UK)
    “Responsibilised Citizens? Care of the Self Among HIV-Positive People in Tanzania" 
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Christine Carrasco (Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada)
    “Negotiating Invisible Politics: The (Re)Production of Health Inequities Among Undocumented Migrant Workers”
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  • Matthew Flynn (Sociology, University of Texas, Austin, USA)
    “Brazil’s Pharmaceutical Diplomacy: Social Democratic Principles versus Soft Power Interests”
  • Isabel Goicolea (Epidemiology and Global Health, Umea University, Sweden)
    “Youth Friendly Health Services in Latin America: What is Accessible and for Whom”
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  • Til RamĂłn Kiderlen (Medicine, CharitĂ© UniversitĂ€tsmedizin Berlin, Germany)
    “AIDS-related Neoplasm in Sub-Saharan Africa after Implementation of the Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART): Problem Solved?”
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  • Jorge Lossio (History, Peruvian Catholic University, Lima, Peru)
    “Health Politics, Globalization and Marginalization: Public Health Debates and the Media during the H1N1 Pandemic in Peru” 
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  • Quinn Lung (Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver, USA)
    “Production of Evidence in the Policy Process”
  • Dominik Mattes (Social and Cultural Anthropology, Free University Berlin, Germany)
    “The Limits of Pharmaceutical Subjectification in Urban Tanzania”
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  • Daniel Ortega Nieto (Political Economy of Development, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA)
    “Health Shocks and Urbanization in Brazil: Responding with Innovation”
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  • Hanspeter Reihling (Social and Cultural Anthropology, Free University Berlin, Germany)
    “Positive Men United? Health Activism in a South African Township" 
  • Jeannie Samuel (Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada)
    “Vigilant Citizens: Efforts to Counter Systemic Marginalization in the Delivery of Reproductive Health Services in the Peruvian Andes”
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  • RenĂ© Umlauf (African Studies, University of Bayreuth, Germany)
    “The Malaria Decade – From Misdiagnosis to the Management of ‘Negative Syndrome’”