Workshop 3 "The Politics of Locality"

Chaired by
Lisa Ann Richey (Int'l Development Studies, Roskilde University, Denmark),
Rachel Sullivan Robinson (Sociology, American University, Washington DC, USA) and
Raul Necochea (Medical History, McGill University, Montreal, Canada)


  • Teeb Al - Samarrai (Medicine, New York, USA)
    “Measuring the Unmeasured: Reversing the Care Drain in Health Care” 
  • Sharon Batt (Bioethics, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada)
    “Patients’ Groups, Pharmaceutical Company Partnerships and the Negotiated Meanings of ‘What Patients Need’ in Canada”
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Bianca Brijnath (Anthropology/ Sociology/ Public Health, Monash University, Australia)
    “In the Ethnographer’s Suitcase: Kinship, Capital and Technology”
  • Yu-Ju Chien (Sociology, University of Minnesota, USA)
    “How Does Cross-agency Politics Influence Global Health Policies? -- The Adoption and Manufacturing of the ‘One World, One Health’ Framework (2003-2010)”
  • Amy Cooper (Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago, USA)
    “’Participation for the Pueblo’: An Ethnographic Analysis of Community Participation and Popular Empowerment in Venezuela’s Barrio Adentro Health Program”
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Walter Flores (Center for the Study of Equity and Governance in Health Systems, Guatemala City, Guatemala)
    “Addressing the Politics of Health to Achieve Equity for Rural Idigenous Population in Guatemala: Lessons for the Interconnected World”
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Etienne Gosselin (History, McGill University, Montréal, Canada)
    “Made in USA: Global Health Politics in a Western Locality in the 1960s”
  • Kristen Gray (Sociology, Centre Médical Universitaire Genève, Switzerland)
    “Global Strategies versus Local Practices: Impediments to Immunization in the Cameroon”
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Na Guo (Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)
    “Fighting for a Good Name: The De-stigmatization of Hepatitis B Virus in China" 
  • Rebecca Hodes (Social Science, University of Capetown, South Africa)
    “The Challenges of Upholding Reproductive Health Rights in the Time of HIV/AIDS”
    Download Abstract (PDF)
  • Johanna Hood (Medical Anthropology, University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
    “’Telling’ the AIDS Underclass (Aimin) in China: Perspectives on Cultural, Social, and Political Aspects of Health Politics in a Globalizing Society”
  • Caroline Meier zu Biesen (Anthropology, Free University Berlin, Germany)
    “The Social Life of a Medicine: ‘Artemisia Annua’ - The Transformation of a Chinese Plant to a Global Pharmaceutical”
  • Pierre Minn (Medical Anthropology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
    “Moving Beyond Exposés: The Moral Economy of International Medical Aid”
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  • Ricardo Pereira (International Politics and Conflict Resolution, University of Coimbra, Portugal)
    “Ten Years of International-Political Research of Epidemics: The Search for a Critical Theory and the Southern ‘Health Activist’ State”
  • Érico Silva Muniz (Public Health, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    “Only One Injection? The Yaws Erradication Program in Brazil and the Relations Between Health and Development (1956-1961).”
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