Workshop 3 'The Social Life of Borders'

Chaired by
Julie Y. Chu (Anthropology, University of Chicago, USA)

  • Naor Ben-Yehoyada (Anthropology, Harvard University, USA)
    “Cast thy Neighbor as thy Kin: Sicilians, Tunisians, and the Trans-Mediterranean Spread of Conjured-up Kinship”
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  • Jason Cons (Development Sociology, Cornell University, USA)
    Symbolic Developments: Aid, Corruption, and Rule at the India-Bangladesh Border”
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  • Mahiye Seçil Dagtas (Anthropology, University of Toronto, Canada)
    “Invisible Borders: Shifting Boundaries of the Self, Community and Nations in the City of Antakya”
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  • Antonella Diana (Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)
    “State Power and Akha Potency: Reconnecting Centres and Margins in the Upper Mekong”
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  • Ian Kalman (Anthropology, McGill University, Canada)
    “Lacrosse and the Border: The ‘Little Brother of War’ Meets the ‘Little Sister of Sovereignty’”
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  • Julie Kleinman (Anthropology, Harvard University, USA)
    “Gare du Nord, a Contact Zone in Theory and Practice: Architectures of Exchange and Exception”
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  • Ceren Kürüm (Architecture, Urbanism and Planning, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
    “Arrested Development: Post-War Famagusta and the Distorted Perception of its Boundaries”

  • Sarah Luna (Anthropology, University of Chicago, USA)
    “The Necessary Evils of the US/Mexico Relationship: National Identity, Subjectivity, and Racialized Sexuality in a Mexican Border City”
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  • Dominic Martin (Social Anthropology, Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
    “From Zone to ZATO: Old Belief as Form-of-Life”
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  • Sylvia Meichsner (Sociology, University of Essex, United Kingdom)
    “‘Bir and Fan for Everybody…’: Imaginary Constructions of a Border Town”
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  • Hepzibah Muñoz Martínez (Political Science, University of New Brunswick Saint John, Canada)
    “Spatial Exclusion in Northern Mexico: The Effects of Market and Drug War Violence on Maquiladora Workers”
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  • Derya Ozkul (Sociology, University of Sidney, Australia)
    “Diaspora-State Relations in Neo-Liberal Borderings: A Reflection on the Turkish Case”
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  • Leisha Reynolds-Ramos (Spanish Literature, University of Arizona, USA)
    “Ethics or Aesthetics: Representations of Borderlands Femicide in Three Literary Genres”
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  • Nicole Robicheau (Media Studies, Concordia University, Canada)
    “Across the Line: Storytelling Along a Border”
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  • Joris Schapendonk (International Development Studies/Human Geography, Utrecht University, Netherlands)
    “Living With Multiple Borders: Social Life of Sub-Saharan African Migrants in EU’s Transit Spaces”
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  • Fereniki Vatavali (Urban Environment, National Technical University of Athens, Greece)
    “Contested Geographies and Spatiotemporal Transformations of Greek-Albanian Borderland: Housing Production in two Border Cities”
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