Workshop 3

Chaired by
John Foran (Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara) and
Robin Celikates
(Philosophy, University of Amsterdam)

  • Avram Alpert (Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania, USA)
    “Kant, Thoreau and the Tradition of Revolutionary Non-Violence”
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  • Niels Barmeyer (Political Anthropology, Independent Researcher, Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico)
    Making Sense of the Zapatista Uprising
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  • Wai Kit Choi (Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles, USA)
    “The Ethics of Recognition and Mass Mobilization: From Chinese Communist Guerrillas to Anti-WTO Korean Farmers
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  • Maria José A. de Abreu (Cultural Anthropology, University of Lisbon / University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Revolutionary Capitalism, Causal Temporality and the Logic ‘Promotion’
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  • Ifdal Elsaket (History, Arabic and Islamic Studies, The University of Sydney, Australia)
    Historicising Karama: The Trope of ‘Dignity’ in Egypt’s Revolution
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  • Louis Esparza (Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles, USA)
    Prefigurative Movements in Latin America
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  • Athanasios Gkoutzioulis (European and International Studies, King’s College London, United Kingdom)
    Advocating Change via the Rejection of Revolution’s (and its agents) Pre-determinism: On Antagonism Within the Economical
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  • Kevan Harris (Sociology, Princeton University, USA)
    The Positional Puzzle of Uprisings and Revolutions in the Middle East: Regional Inequalities in World-Historical Perspective
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  • Gal Kirn (Political Philosophy and History, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia)
    Yugoslav Partisan Struggle: National Liberation or Social Revolution?"
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  • Pablo Lapegna (Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of Georgia, USA)
    Neoliberal Policies or Neoliberal Politics in Latin America’s ‘Pink Tide’? Bolivia’s ‘Black February’, Moral Riots, and the Rise of Evo Morales
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  • Carl Melchers (Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
    Re-Reading Hannah Arendt on the Arabellion
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  • Corinna Mullin (International Relations, University of Tunis, Tunesia)
    The Discourse of Human Rights and the Tunisian ‘Revolution’
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  • Aditya Ray (Development Studies, Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad, India)
    A Revolution that Wasn’t: Lessons from the Recent Anti-Corruption Movement and India’s Passive Revolution
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  • Blair Taylor (Politics, New School for Social Research, USA)
    Neoanarchism and the New Spirit of the Left: Prefigurative Politics from the Alterglobalization Movement to Occupy Wall Street
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  • Juhi Tyagi (Sociology, Stony Brook University, USA)
    Who Makes Revolutions? Women in the Maoist Movement in India
  • Ulrich von Schwerin (History, University of Hamburg, Germany)
    "The Heritage of the Iranian Revolution as an Impediment to Democratic Reform?"
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  • Xiaohong Xu (Sociology, Yale University, USA)
    "Belonging before Believing: Ethical Activism, Sectarian Ethos and Bloc Recruitment in the Making of Chinese Communism"
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