Winners of the Irmgard Coninx Research Grant

Karim Medhat Ennarah is a researcher on criminal justice and policing working for the Egyptian human rights organisation EIPR.  His research focuses on Egyptian criminal justice and policing policy and legislation in the post-2011 era, as well as the changing aspects of the relationship between the police/state and local communities. His current research projects is a qualitative study of a select number of incidents of violent engagements between the police and local communities in various Egyptian localities in the year 2012. During his fellowship, he will cooperate closely with the Zentrum Moderner Orient and its vice-president, Dr. Sonja Hegasy. His visit will allow him to expand on this research and look into the historical relationship between fringe urban and agro-urban communities and the police/state, which he will build on to develop a more in-depth inquiry into the role of urban violence in the early stages of the Egyptian revolution.


Gal Kirn has just finished his dissertation in political philosophy at the University of Nova Gorica, where he combined the research on the contemporary French philosophy (Louis Althusser) with the history of the emergence of socialist Yugoslavia and its tragic break-up. He was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht (2008-10), where he organized a series of international conferences on Yugoslavian Black Wave cinema and Althusser. He was a research fellow on the topic of socialist modernist memorial sites in Berlin, at Institute of Cultural Inquiry. He is also a co-editor of the books Encountering Althusser (Bloomsbury, 2012) and Yugoslav Black Wave Cinema and Its Transgressive Moments (JvE Academie, 2012), an editor of the book Postfordism and its discontents (JvE Academie, 2010). His visit to WZB will help him to elaborate further on the genealogy of Machiavellian (modern) conception of revolution and state, which will be subsequently published in an article.


Anvar Rahmetov is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at IMT-Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca, Italy. A native of Central Asia, he is interested in politics and the political economy of authoritarianism, contentious politics and revolutions, post-communist privatization and economic development. He specializes in comparative politics and political economy with a regional focus on Russia and the CIS. His dissertation project, tentatively titled “Uprising by the Rich: Privatization and Oligarchs in Color Revolutions,” focuses on conceptualizations of and causes behind the color revolutions and has a chapter on the Arab Spring. His personal webpage is; he blogs at and tweets at In Berlin, Anvar will be working on his dissertation and an article and networking with German academics.