Reframing Human Rights I

  • Roni Amit (Political Science, Hunter College, NY, USA)
    "Human Rights: From Rhetorics to Jurisdiction"
  • Claudia Attucci (Political Theory, European University Institute, Florence, Italy)
    "Rights and Collective Goals"
  • Kamayani Bali-Mahabal (Clinical Psychology/Law, CEHAT, Mumbai, India)
    "Reframing Human Rights"
  • Maria Banda (International Relations, University of Oxford, UK)
    "The Human Security Alternative"
  • Robert Barnidge (Law, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    "Neoconservatism and the Universality of Human Rights"
  • Laura Becking (Law, Donahue & Partners, NY, USA)
    "Universal Legitimacy of Human Rights: Taking Culture Seriously"
  • Leopold von Carlowitz (Law/International Relations, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany)
    "A Universal Human Right of Property for Refugees and Displaced Persons?"
  • Jernej Letnar Cernic (Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    "Crossing the Rubicon: How to Construct the International Legal Responsibility of Transnational Corporations for Ius Cogens Human Rights Violations"
  • J. Michael Cole (War Studies, Royal Military College of Canada, Ottawa, Canada)
    "The Rights Gene: Applicability vs. Universality in the Human Rights Debate"
  • Par Engstrom (International Relations, University of Oxford, UK)
    "Reframing the State: Human Rights in an Imperfect World"
  • May A. Fawaz (International Affairs, Lebanese American University, Byblos, Lebanon)
    "Human Rights between Universality and Statehood"
  • Yuval Feinstein (Sociology, University of Haifa, Israel)
    "The Double-Edge Sword of Human Rights Discourse: Paradox of Universalism and Particularism in Contentions of Separation between Israel and Palestinian Occupied Territories"
  • Ruben Flores (Sociology, University of Kent, UK)
    "Towards a Cosmopolitan Institutional Framework for the Protection of Human Rights"
  • Jeffrey Flynn (Philosophy, Middlebury College, USA)
    "Rethinking Human Rights: Multiple Foundations and Intercultural Dialogue"
  • Mark Goodale (Anthropology, George Mason University, USA)
    "On Universality and the Transnational Validity of Human Rights"
  • Henning Hahn (Philosophy/Political Theory, University of Hildesheim, Germany)
    "Human Rights as a Matter of Self-Respect. A Moral Argument for Social, Economic and Cultural Human Rights"
  • James Ingram (Political Science, New School for Social Research, NY, USA)
    "Three Images of the Politics of Human Rights"
  • Umni Khan (Human Rights/International Law, University of Toronto, Canada)
    "Imaginary Global Communities: An Exploration of the Concept of Citizenship for the Notion of International Law"
  • Michael Kilburn (Political Science, Endicott College, Canada)
    "Human Rights als ob: A Cynical Reframing"
  • Ari Kohen (Political Science, James Madison University, USA)
    "Rights and Wrongs Without God - A Non-Religious Grounding for Human Rights in a Pluralistic World"
  • Raffaele Marchetti (Political Theory, University of Urbino, Italy)
    "Human Rights as Participatory Elements within a Global Democratic System"
  • John Morijn (International Law, European University Institute, Florence, Italy)
    "Universality of Human Rights and the Challenges of Cultural Particularism. Regrounding Universality by way of Particularist Interpretation"
  • Irene Oh (Religion, University of Florida, USA)
    "Islam and the Reconsideration of Universal Human Rights"
  • Alice Pinheiro Walla (Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria)
    "The Normativity of Human rights"
  • Kurt Shaw (Philosophy, Shine a Light, Santa Fe, USA)
    "Universal Foundations or Universal Rights? Rights and Social Agency in Contemporary Latin America"
  • Kerstin Steiner (Law, University of Melbourne, Australia)
    "Asian Values: Challenging the Paradigms of International Human Rights"
  • Robert Stewart (Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada)
    "Local Justifications and Universal Norms: Brokering Agreement between the Ominant Western Liberal Tradition and Islamism on Minority Religious Group Rights"
  • Milica Subotic (Human Rights and Democracy, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
    "Cultural Relativism for Universality of Human Rights. The Case of Reservations to Human Rights Treaties"
  • Aaron Tylor (International Relations, Baylor University, USA)
    "Towards Universal Consensus on Human Rights"
  • Penelope Weller (Law/Sociology, Latrobe University, Australia)
    "Human Rights and Human Dignity: Inventing Transnational Principles of Governance"
  • André Marie Yimga (Philosophy/Social Science, Human Rights League, Cameroon)
    "Are Human Rights Universal - A Common Heritage Shared among Cultures?"
  • Lea Leman Ypi (Political Theory, European University Institue, Florence, Italy)
    "Human Rights and Cosmopolitan Justice"