Reframing Human Rights II: Genesis and Justification

  • Stefan Bargheer (Sociology, University of Chicago, USA)
    "The Play of the Eye"
  • Hella Dietz  (Sociology, University of Erfurt, Germany)
    "A Pragmatist Reading of the Emergence of the Human Rights Orientation within the Polish Opposition after 1968"
  • Eva Erman (Poliltical Science, Stockholm University, Sweden)
    "Cosmopolitanism – A Horizontal View"
  • Mark Goodale (Anthropology, George Mason University, USA)
    "Ethical Theory as Social Practice"
  • Henning Hahn (Philosophy/Political Theory, University of Hildesheim, Germany)
    "Human Rights as a Matter of Self-Respect"
  • Sibylle Kalupner (Sociology, University of Erfurt, Germany)
    "The Human Right of Bodily Integrity and the Challenge of Intercultural Dialogue"
  • Michael Kilburn (Political Science, Endicott College, Canada)
    "The Genesis and Justification of Human Rights: An Anarchist Apologia"
  • Matthias Koenig (Sociology, University of Göttingen, Germany)
    "Institutional Change in the World Polity – International Human Rights and the Construction of Collective Identities"
  • Ari Kohen (Political Science, James Madison University, USA)
    "Rights and Wrongs Without God"
  • Claudia Lohrenscheit (Intercultural Educational Science, Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte, Germany)
    "A Human Rights Based Approach to Education"
  • Christian Scherer (History, University of Erfurt, Germany)
    "Human Rights and German Catholicism"
  • Reetta Toivanen (Social Anthropology, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany)
    "An Anthropological Perspective"
  • Alice Walla (Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria)
    "Justifying Human Rights: A Kantian Approach"
  • Lea L. Ypi (Political Theory, European University Institue, Florence, Italy)
    "On Morality, Justice and Political Authority"