Workshop "Pronatalistic Policies as Responses to Demographic Crisis"

Chaired by
Chiara Saraceno (Professor of Sociology of Family, University of Turin, Italy and Research Professor, Social Science Research Center Berlin, Germany)

  • Jolanda Aidukaite (Sociology, University College of South Stockholm, Sweden)
    "Recipients' Satisfaction with Family Benefits in the Baltic States"
  • Elisa Andaya (Anthropology, New York University, USA)
    "Reproducing the Revolution: A Ground-Level Analysis of Fertility, Population Policy and Human Rights in Cuba"
  • Maria Teresa Bia (Law, Practicing Lawyer, Bari, Italy)
    "Demographic Problems in the Industrialised and Developing Countries: Centrality of Women's Rights and Implications of the Populations Policies on the Building of Effective Immigration Policies"
  • Liv Coleman (Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
    "Buliding Parents of the Next Generation: National Development, International Norms and Japanese Family Policy"
  • Emme Edmunds (Development Sociology, Cornell University, USA)
    Toward Family Planning Policy Aligned with Human Rights: One partnership and one Barrier on the Path"
  • Tatjana Kotzeva (Population Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria)
    "Social Rights and Population Politics in a Situation of Depopulation: The Case of Bulgaria"
  • Steven Rousso-Schindler (Social Anthropology, University of Southern California, USA)
    "Israeli Population Politics and its Impact on Policy and Palestinian Human Rights"
  • Gila Stopler (Lecturer, Ramat Gan College of Law, Israel)
    "A Feminist Perspective on Natality Policies in Multicultural Societies"
  • Bright B. Simons (Journalist/Human Rights Activist, London, UK)
    "The Procreative Ethic in Trans-Public Discourse"
  • Jörg Tremmel (Economics, Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, Germany)
    "The Four/Fifth Rule: An Instrument on the Ethical Assessment of Financial Control Mechanisms within the Scope of Antinatalic Birth Policies"
  • Penny Weller (Law and Public Health, Victoria University and Latrobe University, Australia)
    "Self-Determination as Motif"
  • Magdalena Zolkos (Political Science, University of Alberta, Canada)
    "Mapping Human Rights in the Polish Abortion Debates. Reflections on the Subversion of Democratic Policy"