Cultural Pluralism Revisited: Religious and Linguistic Freedoms

In the tradition of previous Berlin Roundtables held on human rights and religious identities, the Twelfth Berlin Roundtables on Transnationality focused on “Cultural Pluralism Revisited: Religious and Linguistic Freedoms” and were held from 7 – 11 April 2010 at the Social Science Research Center Berlin. The workshop series was organized in cooperation with the WZB, Humboldt University Berlin, and the European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA). 

Berlin Workshops
Based on an international essay competition, 35 young researchers were invited to discuss their research and ideas with prominent scholars in Berlin. Discussions took place in two workshops chaired by JosĂ© Casanova (Professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Georgetown University and head of the Program on Globalization, Religion and the Secular at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs) and by Fernand de Varennes (Professor of Law at Murdoch University, Australia, and former Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Human Rights and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict).

Evening Lectures
The workshops were accompanied by evening lectures by

Paul Gilroy, Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science,
Feridun Zaimoglu, German writer and journalist,
and a panel discussion with
Susanne Baer, Professor of Law at Humboldt University Berlin,
Fernand de Varennes, Professor of Law at Murdoch University, and  
José Casanova, Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University.

Irmgard Coninx Research Grant
An international jury awarded two three-month fellowships to be used for research at the WZB, the Humboldt-University and the Berlin State Library. The grant includes a monthly stipend of EUR 1,000 plus accommodation in Berlin.

For more information, please see Grant Winners.

Members of the jury were:

• Susanne Baer, Professor of Public Law and Gender Studies, Humboldt University Berlin
• Sabine Berking, Research Associate, Irmgard Coninx Foundation
• Marian Burchardt, Researcher, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Leipzig
• José Casanova, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Georgetown University
• Ingo Richter, Professor Emeritus of Law and Chairman of the Irmgard Coninx Foundation
• Stefanie Schäfer, Research Associate, Irmgard Coninx Foundation
• Reetta Toivannen, Senior Researcher, Centre of Excellence in Global Governance Research, University of Helsinki, Finland
• Fernand de Varennes, Professor of Law, Murdoch University, Australia