Dr. Sabine Berking

Dr. Sabine Berking studied Russian and English language and literature at the universities of Leipzig, Woronesh and St. Petersburg. She got her Diploma in Education and her Ph.D. in Russian Literature. She taught at Leipzig University and worked, after moving to Berlin, as an editor at the publishing house "Volk & Welt". From 1991–93 she was the editor of "Ästhetik & Kommunikation", a Berlin based journal on politics and culture. From 1994–1998 she lived and worked in Chicago where she taught at DePaul University.

After her return from the United States she organized the Worlds' Citizens for Volkswagen – a series of lectures on cultural aspects of globalisation. Since 1999 she is a faculty member at the Berlin Institute for the International Education of Students where she teaches courses on cultural studies and literature. Since 2000 she also works as a literary critic. Dr. Berking has published numerous articles on German transcultural and international postcolonial literature, women's and cultural studies. She is a permanent contributer to the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". She is with the Irmgard Coninx Foundation since 2003.