Workshop "Population Politics and Reproductive Rights: State Intervention and Fertility Control"

Chaired by
Susan Greenhalgh (Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Irvine, USA)
Caroline Bledsoe (Melville J. Herskovits Professor of African Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA)

  • Kamayani Bali-Mahabal (Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT), Mumbai, India)
    "Changing Times, Changing Perspectives - A Rethink on the Human Rights Approach to Population Policies in India"
  • Jennifer Blakeslee (Demography and Law, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
    "Redefining ‘the Commons’ for a Global Era"
  • Simone M. Brito (Sociology, Lancaster University, UK)
    "Reading Politics through Women’s Bodies: Notes to a Radicalization of Human Rights"
  • Colin D. Butler (Health Studies, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)
    "The Right to Be Human"
  • Zvikomborero Chadambuka (Human Rights Lawyer, Harare, Simbabwe)
    "A Search into the Rationale for Fertility Control in the Developing World"
  • Sreeparna Chattopadhyay (Anthropology, Brown University, Austin, Texas, USA)
    "Tying Tubes – ‘Titrating’ Populations: The Politics of Female Sterilization in India"
  • Jessica Chelekis (Cultural Anthropology, Indiana University, USA)
    "Family Planning Policies and Contraception in the Brazilian Amazon"
  • Debora Di Dio (Political Science, Oriental University of Naples, Italy)
    "China ’s Unborn Children"
  • Hansjörg Dilger (Social Anthropology, University of Florida, USA)
    "Targeting the Empowered Individual: Population Politics and HIV/AIDS in the Neoliberal Age"
  • Clare Louise Ducker (Population, Poverty and Social Development, Independent Scholar, UK)
    "The Kenyan Fertility Decline"
  • Yan Hao (Demography, Institute of Economic Research, National Development and Reform Commission, Beijing, China)
    "Rethinking China’s Population Policy in Line with the Change in China’s Development Strategy"
  • Emil Moise (Law, University of Bucharest, Romania)
    "Features of Legislative Evolution Regarding Abortion in Romania"
  • Pamela McMullin-Messier (Sociology, Kutztown University, Pennsylvania, USA)
    "Shifting Paradigms of Discourse vis-à-vis Individual Rights and Societal Goals over Population and Immigration in the Population-Environment Movement"
  • Raul Necochea (History, McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
    "Priests and Pills: Catholic Family Planning in Peru, 1967-1975"
  • Padmasayee Papineni (International Health, Senior House Officer, London, UK)
    "Cairo and Beyond: The Changing Response by the International Community to Population Control and Reproductive Health"

  • Ricardo M. Pereira (Law, University of Essex, UK)
    "The Right to Reproductive Self-Determination as Part of the Broader Right to Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples under International Human Rights Law"
  • Shahid Perwez (Sociology, Social Anthropology, Population Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK)
    "Sex Selection, Family Planning and Human Rights in Rural Tamil Nadu: An Ethnographic Critique of the Political Response"
  • Udoy Saikia (Geography, Population and Environmental Management, Flinders University, Australia)
    "Threats from Migration, Socio-Political Injustice and Reproductive Behaviour in Tribal Communities - A Study in the Khasi Tribe in Northeast India"
  • Rachel Sullivan (Sociology and Demography, University of California, Berkeley, USA)
    "The Positive Impact of Population Policy on Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa"
  • Léa Tosold (Portuguese, Philosophy and Political Sciences, University of Vienna, Austria)
    "What´s Behind Population Policies? The Case of Brazil"
  • Khadija Turay (Health Studies, Emory University, Atlanta, USA)
    "A Population Policy Transition: Human Rights and Population Politics in India during the Emergency and at the Present Moment"